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Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Angela Dyson and Andrew Ashton
Angela Dyson, Enhanced Carer Support Team Leader, and Andrew Ashton, Enhanced Carer Support Worker, from the Enhanced Carer Support Service

Identifying and supporting unpaid carers at times of crisis

An innovative project at Salford Royal is identifying and supporting unpaid carers at times of crisis.

Salford Carers Service, part of the Greater Manchester charity: gaddum, is overseeing The Enhanced Carer Support Project. The project, on wards L2 - L6, identifies carers when the person they care for is admitted to one of the wards.

The service specifically works with carers who are supporting an older person with additional care needs, someone with a long-term health problem or disability who wouldn’t be able to manage without their help and support.

Since its inception, the service has received more than 200 referrals, of these 40% are newly identified, unpaid carers.

Ruth Hannan, Services Manager, gaddum Salford Carers Service, said: “For many carers, this may be the first time anyone has ever asked them about their needs, asked for their opinion or asked how they are coping.

“The service can also help ward staff by acting as a point of contact for the carer, ensuring that the ward has the full picture of the home environment and help ensure that when someone is discharged home, they and the person who cares for them are able to cope and maintain the situation.”

This project offers an intensive six-week programme with carers. This delivers emotional and practical support and can include a carer’s assessment. This programme can prove incredibly helpful to unpaid carers especially at a time of crisis and stress for them.

If you require more information about the Enhanced Carer Support Project or about how you can refer carers to the wider gaddum Salford Carers Service, please contact: 0161 2125451 or email: salford.carers@gaddum.co.uk