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Monday 27 September 2021
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Jacqui Varden retires from the Intestinal Failure Unit

A popular nurse who retired in December 2017 after 38 years at Salford Royal said she is honoured to have been able to help her patients lead a better quality of life.

Jacqui Varden and IFU patient, Rosemary Martin
Jacqui Varden and IFU patient, Rosemary Martin

Jacqui Varden had stepped down from her role as Matron on the Intestinal Failure Unit (H8) at Salford Royal in January but continued to work as a ward sister.

Jacqui, who worked on the unit for 24 years, said: “I have been very honoured to have led such a fantastic team but I wasn’t quite ready to retire straight away so, what better way to step down and finish my nursing career than supporting the junior nurses and the new ward manager.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside such a wonderful team and to share my experiences and my knowledge with my junior colleagues, while continuing to contribute to patient experience and supporting their families.”

Before starting her nursing career, Jacqui was initially pursuing a career in design technology, however, her hidden passion for nursing came to the forefront in her late twenties providing Jacqui with immense reward.

Care on the IFU is highly specialised with patients often staying on the ward for several months. Jacqui has proven to be a fantastic role model, helping the younger nurses develop on the unit. She has worked with the IFU psychologists to help patients understand and come to terms with some of the difficult decisions relating to their condition.

IFU patient Rosemary Martin said: “I have known Jacqui for many years and she has always been very approachable, she was never in a hurry and would listen, advise or sympathise. I have always dreaded her retirement happening but she certainly deserves a very happy one.”

Jacqui has contributed to the many workshops, study days and conferences for the IFU over the years and has decided it is now time for the young ones to shine.

She added: “Keeping patients safe is our number one priority and I feel worthy that I have still been able to help them and ensure they have the best quality of life possible while being able to manage their condition.

“I am immensely proud to have worked at Salford Royal and retirement for me is not the end, it’s just the beginning.”