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Monday 27 September 2021
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Pennies from heaven

Pennies from Heaven scheme raises over £4,500 for charity

Staff at Salford Royal have raised more than £4,500 for a mental health charity by donating the spare pennies from their salary.

The Pennies from Heaven scheme allows individuals to donate a maximum of 99p each month from the pennies in their monthly wage. For example, if the net pay was £850.34, then 34p would be donated.

Each year, Salford Royal staff are asked to select a charity to donate to and since 2015, that charity has been Mind in Salford. This year, more than £1,820 was raised for the mental health charity, bringing the total to over £4,500.

Markus Greenwood, Mind in Salford Chief Executive, said: “We respect the vital work that staff at Salford Royal do and would like to say massive thank you for donating to Mind in Salford for a third consecutive year.

“We provide direct support to individuals from some of the most deprived communities in Salford, and the money we receive ensures that we can continue protecting the safety and mental wellbeing of these people.”

Salford Royal joined the Pennies from Heaven scheme in 2011 and so far, £10,860 has been raised for various charities and good causes.

Kate Frost, Pennies from Heaven Chief Executive, said: “This is a fantastic achievement. It shows how by coming together and regularly giving a few pence, staff at Salford Royal have made a massive difference to a charity doing great, local work.”