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Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Preceptorship workshop

Special guest celebrates with newly qualified nurses

Newly qualified nurses were given a special welcome to mark the start of their careers at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group.


The Chief Nursing Officer of England Ruth May made a surprise visit to the preceptorship workshop at Salford Care Organisation, where newly qualified nurses were hearing more about the organisation and getting to know each other.


In September, 216 newly registered nurses were recruited across the NCA; the highest intake to date.


Ruth said it was an honour to be at the event and also shared her priorities for her time in post as chief nurse.


She said: “My first priority is workforce and how we keep you, respond to you and provide you with support now you are in post. Your continued development is very important.


“You are all very lucky to be here, working in an outstanding organisation with a very clinically experienced leadership team. It is a great honour to be here with you all today.”


Ruth also took part in a question and answer session with the new nurses and Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE, Chief Nurse of the NCA, presented Ruth with an NCA Safe Clean and Personal certificate and badge.

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Ruth May CNO England
Ruth May shares her priorities with the nurses at Salford

Elaine said she hoped the nurses would follow in her own footsteps and enjoy a long career in the NHS. She added: “You are our future; what a wonderful career you will have and how fabulous that you have chosen to come and work at the NCA.


“I hope you will stay with us for 43 years; you can be a student nurse right through to a chief nurse one day. Our job is to show you the grass is the greenest it can be here - you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else.”


The preceptorship workshops also take place across the NCA at Oldham Care Organisation, North Manchester Care Organisation and Bury and Rochdale Care Organisation.


Newly qualified nurses are introduced to the organisation, orientated to their clinical areas. They attend workshops to complete their mandatory training and attend clinical skills training. They also learn about the support systems available to them as newly qualified nurses – buddies, mentors and preceptors as well as matrons and senior nurses. There is also the opportunity to meet the Divisional Directors of Nursing and the Director of Nursing informally.


Diane Hickford, Clinical Skills and Overseas Nurses Lead Learning and Development Business Partner at the NCA, said: “We want the new nurses to feel valued from the day they start with us. They are part of a family and we will look after them, listen to them, support them and care about them.


“We want them all to do well and stay with us and enjoy their entire career with the NCA.”


Later Ruth met with a small group of senior nurses to answer questions about professional issues important to them. Sam Westwell, Director of Clinical Workforce Transformation, said: “We were delighted to hear Ruth was prioritising the nursing workforce and securing funding to recruit and develop them in their future careers.”

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Elaine Inglesby-Burke preceptorship
Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE at the workshop