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Monday 27 September 2021
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Friends and Family Test

Friends and Family Test

Collecting, listening and acting on feedback from patient and service users is essential to ensure that we continue to improve outcomes across our services.  At Salford Royal we collect this feedback in a variety of ways and the national Friends and Family test is just one of the systems we implement.


Each month this data is collated, results are submitted to a national database and published through NHS Choices website. You can view last month’s scores via the NHS Choices website.


This information, along with other key performance measures and comments, are cascaded via lead managers so this feedback can be shared locally with teams and staff and appropriate action plans developed.


Results from FFT are also available in the Open & Honest Care Report page.

Published Reports

application/pdf2017-01 - January 2017 FFT report (229KB)Download
application/pdf2016-12 - December 2016 FFT report (229KB)Download
application/pdf2016-11 - November 2016 FFT report (229KB)Download
application/pdf2016-10 - October 2016 FFT report (229KB)Download
application/pdf2016-09 - September 2016 FFT report (229KB)Download
application/pdf2016-08 - August 2016 FFT report (238KB)Download
application/pdf2016-07 - July 2016 FFT report (229KB)Download
application/pdf2016-06 - June 2016 FFT report (229KB)Download
application/pdf2016-05 - May 2016 FFT report (249KB)Download
application/pdf2016-04 - April 2016 FFT report (252KB)Download
application/pdf2016-03 - March 2016 FFT report (252KB)Download
application/pdf2016-02 - February 2016 FFT report (252KB)Download
application/pdf2016-01 - January 2016 FFT report (252KB)Download
application/pdf2015-12 - December 2015 FFT report (252KB)Download
application/pdf2015-11 - November 2015 FFT report (252KB)Download
application/pdf2015-10 - October 2015 FFT report (250KB)Download
application/pdf2015-09 - September 2015 FFT report (250KB)Download
application/pdf2015-08 - August 2015 FFT report (250KB)Download
application/pdf2015-07 - July 2015 FFT report (250KB)Download
application/pdf2015-06 - June 2015 FFT report (249KB)Download
application/pdf2015-05 - May 2015 FFT report (249KB)Download
application/pdf2015-04 - April 2015 FFT report (247KB)Download
application/pdf2015-03 - March 2015 FFT report (249KB)Download
application/pdf2015-02 - February 2015 FFT report (250KB)Download
application/pdf2015-01 - January 2015 FFT report (250KB)Download
application/pdf2014-12 - December 2014 FFT report (249KB)Download
application/pdf2014-11 - November 2014 FFT report (248KB)Download
application/pdf2014-10 - October 2014 FFT report (248KB)Download
application/pdf2014-09 - September 2014 FFT report (236KB)Download
application/pdf2014-08 - August 2014 FFT report (227KB)Download
application/pdf2014-07 - July 2014 FFT report (227KB)Download
application/pdf2014-06 - June 2014 FFT report (227KB)Download
application/pdf2014-05 - May 2014 FFT report (229KB)Download
application/pdf2014-04 - April 2014 FFT report (227KB)Download
application/pdf2014-03 - March 2014 FFT report (226KB)Download
application/pdf2014-02 - February 2014 FFT report (224KB)Download
application/pdf2014-01 - January 2014 FFT report (222KB)Download
application/pdf2013-12 - December 2013 FFT report (222KB)Download
application/pdf2013-11 - November 2013 FFT report (222KB)Download
application/pdf2013-10 - October 2013 FFT report (224KB)Download
application/pdf2013-09 - September 2013 FFT report (222KB)Download
application/pdf2013-08 - August 2013 FFT report (223KB)Download
application/pdf2013-07 - July 2013 FFT report (223KB)Download
application/pdf2013-06 - June 2013 FFT report (249KB)Download