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Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Lydia Isted student oscars
Lydia Isted won the Oscar for her poster

Celebrating medical excellence and inspirational leaders

Medical excellence and inspirational leaders were celebrated at the first Student and Staff Oscars held at Salford Care Organisation.


Clinical placement supervisors received gold and silver awards based on feedback from the University of Manchester medical students, who have been on hospital placements in Salford, Bolton, Wigan and across Pennine.


Tutors who received special awards, as nominated by the students, were Niamh Collins, Lisa Cooper, Laura White and Amanda Pedersen.


At the celebration event, organised by the undergraduate department, students presented research projects they had been working on and judges chose a winning poster and a winning oral presentation.


Thomas Jordan won the Oscar for his oral presentation and Lydia Isted took home an Oscar for her poster.

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Thomas Jordan student Oscars
Thomas Jordan is pictured with his Oscar for his oral presentation

Dr Chris Brookes, Group Medical Director at the Northern Care Alliance, handed out the awards and said: “What a privilege it has been to be here today.


“Students have been able to benefit from the expertise and generosity of tutors leading these programmes and it’s wonderful that we can celebrate that today.


“I’ve been a doctor for a long time but still see it as a privilege and it’s important to inspire people to take the mantle forward.”


Former Salford Royal hospital Dean Professor Felicity Stewart, Consultant in Clinical Biochemistry and Director of Undergraduate Medical Studies at University of Manchester, thanked the supervisors for the quality of the training and support they provide to students.


Professor Jacqui Lavin, Salford Clinical Education Campus Hospital Dean, added: “Today is a wonderful celebration of people working together in difficult times when there are pressures.


“The clinicians who provide education are delivering this on the background of very busy clinical responsibilities, but they are committed to ensuring our future doctors get the best possible education they can.


“The placement awards are a reflection of the educational leadership of the supervisors but being able to deliver an excellent placement relies on the support of the entire team.


“We hope today’s celebration is the first of many.”